We have worked to make sure this website is as accessible as possible and conforms to WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards.

We aim to :

  •  Keep our content simple
  •  Structure our pages correctly
  •  Provide alt-text for images
  •  Provide text alternatives for multimedia content

We provide a text size changer, contrast changer and grayscale changer.

Website feedback

If you have any problems using this website, please let us know by getting in touch through our contact form.
Please state what technology you are using to access the website and where you had a problem, and attach a screenshot if appropriate.

Website testing

If you want to help us improve our website further, you can fill in our Website tester form and return it attached to our contact form.

Download the Website tester form (PDF document opens in a new window)

Thank you!





We create digital music workshops with the visually impaired consultancy, for blind, visually impaired and disabled people of all ages.

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