Rachel Goodall “The Mysterious Tale Of The Ships Cat” and “Captain Woodward And His Performing Seals” Productions September – October 2021

We worked with Rachel Goodall on two of her shows, recording the narrative and creating backing tracks. These will accompany each of her theatre performances of “The Mysterious Tale Of The Ships Cat,” and “Captain Woodward And His Performing Seals” Productions.

Photo of Rachel Goodall and David Shervill standing together on a shingle path, facing the camera. There are trees, hedgerows, and grass behind them.
David Shervill and Rachel Goodall.

To find out more about this show, and other shows/performances Rachel will be putting on, contact her via email: [email protected] 

Global Music Visions C.I.C. Developing ideas for a Splodge Designs Project, “Who Cares” August – September 2021

We were really pleased to be asked by Splodge Designs to be involved with their “Who Cares Project”. Using their own experiences of hidden disability as the basis of their ideas, our participants have created 3 pieces of work, which will be used in some form within the overall project, and will be showcased in an event in November 2021.

Included is a photo of four people, including David sitting around a garden table outside, all facing the camera.
The group.

To find out more about Splodge Designs and their upcoming events, please visit their website: www.splodgedesigns.com
You can also find them on Instagram: @splodge_designs

Recording Session with a GMV Group at The Old Blacksmiths Studios Portsmouth for LMS UK Film Documentary 31st July and 2nd August 2021

We had a great couple of days at the Old Blacksmiths Recording Studio in Portsmouth. We worked with another group to record their song, for an upcoming film documentary. Thank you to our session musicians Nathan Shervill and Will Powell, from A Rocket Complex, for your support on this project. Also, thank you to the studio team for your encouragement and support.
Included are six photos in two rows of three. Top left shows bass guitarist sitting on a stool recording their parts. Bottom left shows female vocalist who is wearing headphones and standing in front of a microphone. Top middle, a group member working on the computer touch screen with the studio engineer. Bottom middle shows the drummer sitting behind the kit, warming up ready to play. Top right shows a group member sitting and playing the keyboard. Bottom right shows male vocalist who is wearing headphones and standing in front of a microphone singing.
Photos of the group working in the studio.

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