Global Music Visions C.I.C. Music Workshop Taster Session, 19th April 2018.

It was an enjoyable music workshop, with an enthusiastic group of people. After a brief introduction to Music Technology equipment, the group engaged in using this equipment and real instruments to construct, play, and record music together, with support from the team at Global Music Visions C.I.C.

Thank you to everyone who supported this project, Southsea Green Fingers Project, Eastney Community Centre, Tesco Bags Of Help, and to the participants for making it so much fun.

A picture of the group recording and playing percussion instruments together. There are 4 people standing behind 2 microphones on stands, whilst one person is using a MIDI Keyboard, another person is sitting at the laptop monitoring the volume levels of the recording.
The group recording, playing keyboard, and percussion instruments.

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