Global Music Visions C.I.C. updates February and March 2020

With Toucan Diversity Training Ltd we facilitated some Visual Impairment Awareness training sessions for the staff and volunteers at the Mary Rose Museum. We have also completed some lyric writing and song composition sessions with Losing My Sight UK. The two groups now have a demo track each, which they will use for rehearsing to before having them recorded. The GMV Music group is continuing to work on their projects.

The GMV Music group of 4 is standing on the grass facing away from the camera. In front of them are green bushes. The group is recording ambient sounds. One person is standing holding a microphone out in front of them as another person to their right is holding the mic leads. Another member is standing behind them wearing headphones and listening to the sounds being recorded, watched by another person. David is standing in the middle of the group supporting with the recording. Sunlight is shining over the tops of houses in the background.
A photo of the group outside recording different sounds.

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