Losing My Sight UK Basingstoke Music Workshop Taster Session 22nd February 2019

We facilitated an introductory Music Technology and songwriting workshop for Losing My Sight UK in Basingstoke. With support from Jim Chorley, the group started writing a song, and also explored using real and virtual instruments and recording with David Shervill. The group recorded a rough demo version of the song.

Included is a picture of participant Elena Sommers sitting with the laptop in front of her on a table. There is a MIDI Keyboard on her left and David standing to her right, with headphones on the table in front of them both.
A photo of Elena Sommers getting ready to record others in the group using the laptop.

You can find out more about Losing My Sight UK on the following links:

Website: www.lms-charity.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LosingMySightUK/