SoCo Sonic Explorers Project at Toynbee School February 2016-April 2017

For the last 14 months Global Music Visions C.I.C. has been working with SoCo Music Project, as part of the Sonic Explorers Project, funded by Youth Music. We have been working with visually impaired pupils from different year groups at Toynbee School, in Chandler’s Ford. These weekly after school sessions have encouraged the pupils to express themselves through music, build friendships and have fun.

Members of the group with Jim and David, having a group photo in the playground, for the CD cover.
Group picture for the CD cover.

Activities have included working as a group, and as individuals to write lyrics and compose music, record and edit their work using a combination of computer music software and real instruments. One of the songs was composed and recorded when they visited Hightown Studio for the day. All had great fun.

Members of the group recording and singing their songs together.
Members of the group working together recording one of their songs.

The project culminated in the production of an 11-track album on CD, which was a mixture of both group and individual songs. They were each presented with a copy of the CD to take away at the final session. It was our way as a team to say thank you to everyone who had taken part on this project, and the hard work that had been undertaken by all who attended.

One of the group members using the keyboard, to compose and record his track, on to the laptop.
A member of the group composing and recording his track.

Bringing together pupils from different year groups with different abilities has enabled the development of social skills within the group, and increased individual self-confidence. It has been great being able to see these students develop positively throughout this project. Thank you for making us feel so welcome, and for your lovely gifts.

David holding a framed CD, given to the team, by the group, to say thank you.
Framed CD given by the group

To find out more about SoCo Music Project visit their website:
Twitter: @socomusic