Eye Sea Squares 20-20. Part of Portsmouth Festivities, January 2019

We were asked by Artist Clarke Reynolds to create an extension to our Seascape soundtrack, for use during his upcoming art workshops, at Aspex Gallery, Community Spaces, and Schools.

Included is a picture of David Shervill and Clarke Reynolds. Both are kneeling on the shingle beach, at The Hotwalls, Southsea. They are holding a small picture frame between them, and both are wearing headphones. David is holding a microphone through the frame, pointed towards the sea.
Included is a picture of David Shervill and Clarke Reynolds, at The Hotwalls, Southsea.

Clarke’s first workshop begins on 14th April 2019 at Aspex Gallery, Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth, 11am-1pm, for people who are blind and partially sighted.

To find out more, and get involved with this and other workshops, please contact Clarke Reynolds

Email: seeingwithoutseeing@yahoo.com

Contact Number: 07432242834